Sip With Purpose: Empowering Women One BRW at a Time.

Sip With Purpose: Empowering Women One BRW at a Time.

BRW Society Celebrates International Women's Day with Commitment to Women's Empowerment in Tea Industry.

We are championing women's empowerment on International Women's Day through our partnership with tea gardens based in India.



Over the last four years, BRW Society has dedicated time to researching and collaborating with tea farms and suppliers with the aim to identify organisations that not only offer ethically and sustainably sourced tea leaves but also actively contribute to supporting workers and the local community.


Our selected tea garden is renowned for their sustainable cultivation practices across India's tea-producing regions, suppling BRW Society with black tea from their gardens in Assam. By sourcing tea from these gardens, BRW is directly involved in supporting women's empowerment initiatives within these tea gardens. This collaboration underscores BRW's commitment to supporting gender equality and uplifting female communities in the tea industry.

As part of this partnership, several women's empowerment initiatives are organised in India, including workshops on safety, self-defense, entrepreneurship and menstrual hygiene campaigns, with the objective of providing essential skills and opportunities for women and creating an inclusive environment. This effort aligns perfectly with the theme for International Women's Day 2024, 'Inspire Inclusion', emphasising the significance of valuing women's inclusion in building a better and more inclusive world for all.


Commenting on women’s empowerment, Laura Manning, Founder and Managing Director at BRW Society, said: "As a female entrepreneur and founder, I am personally dedicated to driving change and supporting other women on their journey to success. We strongly believe that when women are empowered, society benefits. That's why we're deeply committed to supporting women and their communities through such initiatives. We're determined to do even more to uplift women and make a positive impact in their lives."


Beyond empowerment, this partnership extends to community engagement and ethical sourcing practices. BRWs close collaboration with tea-growing communities ensures that development initiatives are community-driven, Our ethical sourcing practices guarantee fair compensation and support for farmers and workers.


As part of BRW Society's ongoing commitment to social responsibility, this collaboration underscores the importance of empowering women in the tea industry and promoting sustainable practices for a better future.

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