About Brw Society

Our Story - A Different kind of UAE Tea Company!.

There was little choice in the affordable, quality - whole leaf and organic herbal tea category.

After spending months asking her Mum to send tea to Dubai, she had a lightbulb moment!

Why not make great tea with lots of delicious varieties accessible in the region?

Laura set on a mission to make tea a lot more colourful and fun!

BRW Society (pronounced ‘brew’ society) was formed in July 2019 in pursuit of that mission.

The company started with just a few packets of unique, loose leaf tea blends which Laura created herself and these were sold online and at local markets.

These tea blends were an instant hit due to their delicious taste and variety.

Today there are over 50 different BRW Society tea products available in both loose leaf and plastic-free teabag varieties, sold across supermarkets, cafes, hotels and online all across the region.

The best part is that everything at BRW Society is packaged in the UAE!

Here at BRW Society, everyone is completely obsessed with tea and loves talking about it!

So If you would like to learn more about our company, feel free to drop us an email at info@brwsociety.com or visit us for a cuppa at our popup store at Ripe by The Bay, Dubai Festival City Mall.

We are there giving away free tea until May 2022!

We keep saying 'NO PLASTIC' because most mainstream teabags contain micro-plastics. Yuck!
  • Say no to plastic
  • Don't compromise on taste
  • Drink a waste free tea!
Little actions can improve the world around us. So switch today!
BRW Mission Let’s get the UAE drinking delicious, great quality tea - whole leaves & whole ingredients - sourced sustainably, in packaging that is plastic-free and kind to the planet!BRW Beliefs - Every single cuppa counts so let’s do it right, lets enjoy tea and make a difference in the process!
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    At BRW, we go to great lengths to ensure we source great quality tea. We only source whole leaf tea and whole ingredients (herbs, spices, and fruits). We use 100% natural ingredients with no artificial flavourings. We have an in-house expertise to ensure our blends taste delicious, this is at the heart of what we do. We work tirelessly to create blends that taste better than anyone else’s.

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    We aim to make all our products planet-friendly! Our teabag boxes are FSC certified material, we have replaced the plastic pouch with NatureFlex (wood pulp) and our Teabag material is biodegradable (plastic-free). We also use vegetable ink to make the packaging look snazzy!

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    At BRW we ethically source our products, only working with natural farming, allowing us to source raw materials with minimal social & environmental impact.

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    at BRW we have created a friendly company culture that supports our people. Integrity is at the core of everything we do. We are reliable, honest, and transparent in business. We are working on giving back to the communities that bring us tea and we are looking to develop this further in 2022.

Meet the tea team
  • Laura


    Founder & Managing Director , Laura is the founder of BRW Society. She moved to Dubai in 2018 and straight away felt that great quality tea was hard to come by. After spending months asking her Mum to send tea to Dubai, she had a lightbulb moment and the rest is history. Laura is now on a mission to make tea a lot more colourful and fun in the UAE. She wants to ensure people are drinking delicious, great quality tea (with whole leaves & whole ingredients), which are sourced and packaged in a way that is kind to the planet! "

  • Cha


    Office Manager , Cha has lived in the UAE for 10 years. She joined BRW Society in 2021 and is helping transform the way we do things. She has a passion for tea and great customer service. It's a match made in tea heaven!"

  • Kath


    Sales Associate , Kath manages our popup store at Dubai Festival City Mall. She loves tea and knows our unique blends inside out. If you need a recommendation Kath is your girl! She also makes a mean cuppa so make sure to give her a visit."

  • Madyll


    Sales Associate Madyll works alongside Kath at our Dubai Festival City Mall popup. She is a passionate sales person and loves to give away free samples of cold brew. We love to get Madyll to taste any new creations, her facial expressions let us know whether its a hit or miss!"

  • Sunu


    Business Development Manager , Sunu was born and bred in the UAE. He has an extensive knowledge of the UAE, is pasionate about the retail industry and he loves a good cuppa! He's on a mission to get everyone drinking BRW so say hi if you see him at your local supermarket."