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Organic Earl Grey, Loose Leaf Black Tea

Taste - bright citrus notes of bergamot.

Indulge in elegance! Experience the epitome of sophistication with our Organic Earl Grey tea blended with delicate blue cornflowers. A timeless classic with a modern twist, this exquisite blend captivates the senses with its luxurious aroma and refined flavour profile.

Sourced from certified organic gardens, our Earl Grey blend features the finest black tea leaves, handpicked at the peak of freshness to ensure unparalleled quality. Enhanced with the essence of bergamot oil, our Earl Grey boasts a harmonious balance of boldness and delicacy that's simply irresistible.

Plus, the delicate blue cornflowers make this tea a visual spectacle.

Weight: 50 grams.

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Ingredients & Allergens

Organic black tea, organic blue cornflower, natural flavouring (bergamot)


Nutrition per 100ml
- <1 kcal
- 0 sugar
- 0 fat
- 0 carbohydrate

Brewing Guide & Storage

3-5 minutes brewing time.
100°C water temperature.
1 teaspoon per 200ml.

Store in a cool, dry place.


Low calorie, dairy free, gluten free, suitable for vegetarians and vegans. This tea naturally contains caffeine.

Organic Earl Grey, Loose Leaf Black Tea