Gorillas like tea too!

Gorillas like tea too!

Gorilla's love tea too

Whilst at Bristol Zoo this summer I made a very interesting discovery...GORILLA'S DRINK TEA…who would have known?!

Bristol Zoo is home to several Western Lowland Gorillas. They have one silverback named Jock AND HE DRINKS HERBAL AND FRUIT TEA!!

These gorillas are critically endangered animals from Cameroon and the zoo is doing an amazing job at educating the public on their conservation.

Western lowland gorillas are herbivores; their diet consists of vegetation, some fruits and nuts. They eat a wide variety of vegetables, nuts, eggs, branches and a specially made biscuit to give them all the nutrients they need. Besides constant fresh water being available for drinking, they are also given fruit and herbal tea. Wow! They all look very happy and zen….it must be all the tea!

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#BeInspiredByTea – like Jock, Kera, Kukena, Kala and Touni

Source: https://www.bristolzoo.org.uk/explore-the-zoo/gorillas