All You Need to know about the British Royal Family Tea Preferences

All You Need to know about the British Royal Family Tea Preferences

The Crown Season 5, a fictional dramatisation that showcases the real-life events of Queen Elizabeth II and the important events that shaped her reign, was released yesterday (Wednesday, November 9th, 2022) on Netflix.

While the show is enough to get familiar with all the important events of the life of the late Queen, it doesn’t tell much about the Queen and her family’s tea preferences. 

So we took it upon ourselves to share with you the tea preferences of the royal family.

So let’s get started! 


Queen Elizabeth II (Late) - Earl Grey and Assam - Black Tea

The Queen was said to be a fan of both Earl Grey and Assam tea.

Behaviour and psychological experts state that Earl Grey tea is normally enjoyed by people of high stature and those in power.

Therefore, the queen's preference shouldn't come as a surprise.

The British Earl Grey tea has a citrusy and bergamot flavour which is quite unique.

Assam tea, on the other hand, is a strong black tea with a malty taste.

It is also one of the most popular teas in the world.

Organic Earl Grey Tea

King Charles - Darjeeling - Black Tea.

The king loves Darjeeling tea with honey.

It is believed that honey was used to balance the bitterness of the tea or could have been used to enhance Darjeeling's flavour.

Darjeeling has many health benefits, such as it helps with indigestion, calms the mind and body and boosts the immune system among other benefits.

It is believed that Darjeeling lovers are risk-takers who aren't afraid to go big in life. Also, they are creative-minded and can easily come up with solutions to even the most pressing problems.

Organic Black Tea

Queen Consort - Cappuccino

Camilia is a Cappuccino fanatic.

Cappuccino lovers are thought to be adventurers who love to step out of their comfort zone and don't mind failing in their endeavours.

If coffee if your thing, why not try our Tiramisu blend.


Princess of Wales - English Breakfast with a splash of milk - Black Tea.

The Princess of Wales, Catherine, loves the subtle sweetness of the English Breakfast tea blend with a splash of fresh milk.

The malty full strength taste blend is often associated with strength and it is often said that this blend's lovers don't experiment a lot and prefer doing the things that they know are already working in their best interest.

Organic English Breakfast

Duchess of Sussex – Herbal Infusion, particularly mint tea.

The Duchess of Sussex, Meghan, has been a fan of herbal infusion blends for long.

Her preference for Mint tea over coffee during the Birkenhead visit in January 2019 was the talk of the town during that time.

Mint tea helps improve sleep quality, and memory and is effective against a slew of digestive disorders such as diarrhoea, indigestion etc.

Organic Peppermint Tea Herbal Infusion

Harry – Fruit infusion.

Harry takes his health seriously and as a new year resolution in 2019, stopped drinking tea, coffee and alcohol.

We recommend the former British Royal explores fruit infusions as his beverage choice. 

Our popular blend Mango Madness or Raspberry Mojito suit his adventurous, bold streak!

Fruit Infusion and Fruit Tisane

What is your favourite blend?

This was the list of the favourite tea blends of the royal family.

Which one is your favourite blend?


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