Meet the Wonderful Team Behind BRW Society!

Meet the Wonderful Team Behind BRW Society!

In case you are wondering how BRW Society is able to provide so many delicious and healthy tea blends whilst ensuring the highest level of customer service...the secret behind all that is our wonderful team!

Meet the team...

At BRW Society, we pride ourselves on having a team of dedicated and knowledgeable professionals who are all passionate about tea. 

Meet some of our team members and learn about their backgrounds and expertise. 

We think you'll find that we have the perfect team in place to help you meet your needs. 

Laura, Founder BRW Society

BRW Society Founder Laura Manning, Tea Brand, Dubai Tea

If you have been following BRW Society for a while, you already know that Laura Manning is the driving force behind BRW Society. 

She moved to Dubai in 2018 and felt like something was missing in such a lively, active and cosmopolitan city - a healthy and delicious tea blend, one that is healthy and not a dusty tea bag.  

That was the start of BRW Society and Laura set herself on a mission to make tea more colourful and help people connect with themselves and others over a BRW.

Being the founder, Laura Manning has to be on her toes all the time.

The secret behind her super activity is her intense focus on health. 

When the world is asleep, Laura goes out for early morning runs, cycling or swimming with her family. 

In her spare time, Laura loves to experiment with tea - making mocktails, sparkling teas and other concoctions.

Now you know why BRW Society has a range of different blends that are hard to find anywhere else in the market. 

Anthony, Business Development Manager

Business development at BRW Society tea company

Sales is the backbone of any business and BRW Society is lucky to have an experienced person like Anthony.  

With over 12 years of experience in business development in the food and beverage industry in the UAE, sales run in the blood of Anthony. 

He is a true gastronomy lover who loves to try different food and drinks from all cultures. 

As such, he can easily differentiate between a true tea blend and one that is made from substandard tea leaves or dusty tea bags, ensuring all the products on our site are of the highest quality. 

Anthony joined BRW Society this year and has already made a mark by taking the company to new heights! 

Cha, Office Manager

Office Manager BRW Society

Cha is one of the most lively personalities in BRW Society. 

She joined the company in 2021 as office manager and has transformed the way we work by offering great customer service and helping the team with various other administrative tasks. 

Life at BRW is very smooth when Cha is around!

When not in the office, Cha prefers to spend time with her son doing different DIY activities and going for a run. 

Madyll, Sales Associate

Inside sales at BRW Society tea company

Madyll works at BRW Society’s Dubai Festival City Mall Kiosk where she loves to give away free samples of cold brew. 

So if you are not sure if cold brew would appeal to your palate, head out to our kiosk and try a free sample. 

Madyll is famous throughout BRW Society for her famous Earl Grey Cake Recipe.

It re-energises the whole team and doesn’t last long in the office.

We all are addicted to it!

Madyll loves watching astronomy and history vlogs. She is a great painter and everyone at BRW Society is awe-inspired by her paintings. 

If Madyll wasn’t at BRW Society, she would definitely be a successful painter!

We hope you loved finding out about our team and getting to know us!

At BRW Society, we strive for excellence in everything we do, and our team is always looking for new ways to improve. 

That is what sets us apart from others and that is why we are able to offer a variety of delicious and healthy tea blends that are hard to find anywhere else. 

We hope you'll enjoy getting to know us better through our blog posts.

Thank you for visiting!

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